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20 Tea Bags (2 tsp per bag (2.4 g))

The Awake Tea Blend combines the invigorating properties of Rhodiola Crenulata, the refreshing taste of Gunpowder Green Tea, and the calming essence of our Daytime Tulsi Blend (Tulsi Kapoor x Tulsi Rama). This unique blend offers a harmonious balance between energy and relaxation. Rhodiola Crenulata, known for its adaptogenic qualities, helps combat stress and boosts mental clarity. Gunpowder Green Tea adds a smooth and smoky flavor while providing antioxidants and promoting digestion as well as a hearty dose of caffeine. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, brings a subtle hint of sweetness and helps alleviate anxiety. We use the Rama and Kapoor variety of Tulsi for it's uplifting effect and sweet flavor, with the latter being grown in Oregon. Together, these ingredients create a flavorful and beneficial tea blend that uplifts the mind and rejuvenates the body.

Brew for 3 minutes, sweeten with your sweetener of choice although honey is recommended.

Flavor Profile: Rose, Sweet, and slightly Smoky

Origin: China, Costa Rica, and Oregon

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