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Altai Herbal

Daytime Tulsi Blend

Daytime Tulsi Blend

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20 Tea Bags (2 tsp per bag (~2.2 g))

Experience the harmony of Tulsi Rama and Tulsi Kapoor in our Daytime Tulsi Blend. Our Tulsi Kapoor, grown in the fertile soils of Oregon, brings a robust flavor that sets it apart. The Tulsi Rama, known for its cool, mellowing effects, complements the Tulsi Kapoor, which is described as having a mild, sweet herbaceous taste. This blend promises a soothing, refreshing experience with a flavor profile that ranges from , floral, and bright, to slightly sweet, and peppery. Lacking caffeine, both Rama and Tulsi provide a soothing and calming sensation that is often attributed to the Rosmarinic Acid and Eugenol that can be found in them. Studies have shown that Tulsi can help with Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder as well as boost your immunity. Protect your mind, body and savor the taste of tranquility and the essence of Oregon in every cup.

Brew for 3 minutes

Flavor Profile: Sweet, Floral, Clove (Very Mild)

Origin: Costa Rica and Oregon, USA

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